Fantasy Spanking pt2

This is again something a little rude, a little bit naughty and of course it’s all part of John’s fantasy acted out on film for your viewing pleasure. This is Part 2 and Mishka submits in the wheelbarrow position wearing nothing but a pair of stripey socks looking incredibly sexy to add to the sexual tension and intimate situation she places herself in. Her tight pert bottom and pussy are in full view and you get a POV experience as John paws and gropes Mishka’s tight bottom between spanking her. This is never about the hardest spanking, if you have ever been fortunate enough to spank a girl in this position then you’ll understand that you can never whack her that hard but it’s about desire, submission and intimacy which this series portrays wonderfully! See this in full from June 13th at

This film will also be made available in MP4 and WMV formats as a cheap one off download at the Triple A Clips Store


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