Jasmine’s Spanking

Jasmine had been caught with a whole stack of expensive cigars she had pilfered from one of John’s trusting elderly neighbors. To make things worse for this thieving minx, she had gone round in her sexy Girl Guide uniform on the pretence of being neighborly and used this as a distraction. However, Jasmine’s sheer greed by stealing so many to sell on was her downfall as John could not fail to discover them, there were that many! Old Mr Jones was contacted and he demanded that Jasmine be taught a severe and humiliating lesson which he could no longer carry out himself as he was quite frail. So step dad, John, was only too happy to help out! She was to receive a proper red bare bottom spanking followed by a paddling that would leave her bottom burning that she would then have to return the cigars to the elderly gentleman and show him the results of this embarrassing punishment to add to her growing shame! Check out what makes Jasmine such addictive viewing as we see her bum reddened beautifully with a spanking and paddling that made her yelp out loud… she didn’t like this punishment and what was to follow one little bit! But you will! Enjoy MORE from AAAspanking.com

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