Unseen Rosaleen

“Oh my bottom! It’s stinging, Miss!” So says Rosaleen Young as she is relentlessly spanked in this previously unseen movie, which had never before been released! This is a must see for avid fans of Rosaleen Young and unmissable viewing. This movie is available to download in full at SpankingOnline.com

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  1. Rosaleen Young is a legend, everyone – guys & girls – would love to punish her if they had a chance to do that sometime…She’s really a nice greeneyed british girl, They say she got sick and never more had produced/played a clip/vid…We can’t know if it’s true (her sickness) anyway it’s a pitty if it happened…She was naughtyness and guess her under our leather belt spanking were “dreams” most of the people dreamed about…As everybody I’d like to had a chance to know her one day – not necessary to spank her – even at distance, living far from, separeted by the Atlantic Ocean…Well, luck to her, anywhere she lives…

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