What a Brat!

This latest movie (uploaded immediately in full) gets to the point when John is fed up with Sarah Gregory who is playing up in the middle of his film shoot. She was making all sorts of diva-esque demands that would make some highly strung pop stars look like easy work! He patiently listened to all her petty & ridiculous demands until he knew just what had to be done between filming… after all, he had paid to make her work and not brat about! So without the main cameras running he took it upon himself to spank that sassy attitude out of her and make her a little more compliant and submissive! You’ll find some good hard spankings in this movie with some humorous banter between them both, especially when Sarah thought it funny to mock John with her “English accent” and complain about our miserable English weather! Random fact: In the full movie for members, you will discover who Sarah thought landed on the moon first… John was absolutely dumbfounded, find out why when you view the movie only from AAAspanking.com

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