Zoe spanks Jess

Zoe Page is well known as a fearsome spanker and we employed her services for a very memorable day! Not only that, we got in a totally new “spanking virgin” who thought being spanked by a girl would be easier… oh dear! Wrong! Jessica soon discovers that girls can be as mean as boys even though this is an intro spanking, this films showcases just the spankings, no lengthy dialog, just the action and it’s a real eye opener as poor Jess clearly struggles to maintain her dignity with her bare bottom getting smacked slowly harder and harder as her cheeks redden and burn… Check out the very first time Jessica has been spanked by a woman and check out her reactions, includes some great scenes at the end of Jessica showing us in intimate detail her poor burning butt! If you like good honest FF Spanking – do not miss this short all girl action film available right now at our Clips Store!

Thsi film will be available in full later this month at our main site AAAspanking.com

If you only want to download the odd movie, and you love F/F spankings, this is the one for you, Jess has a stunning body, lovely legs and a so so spankable cute butt! 🙂

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